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Quality control

Quality Control & Assurance

Our commitment to quality products is so strong that it is symbolized through the two check marks that make up the "W" in our logo.  At Westlake Compounds, we seek to maintain this commitment through an intensive practice of "never-ending process of improvement".


Several of our operations have undergone certifications which ensure that a production facility meets rigid quality standards, demands supplier performance, and is committed to continual improvement in order to meet the needs of customers.


 What differentiates the Westlake Global Compounds quality group from others?

  • Customized quality metrics in addition to best practices.
  • Analytical and troubleshooting assistance to customers through Lab-to-Lab collaboration.
  • Audit assistance by providing on-demand process with statistical reports.








Quality Control

At Westlake Compounds Vietnam, it is our daily goal to ensure that our products meet the standards established by customer specifications and relevant regulatory agencies. We strive to maintain continuous and effective process improvement through multidiscipline, focused activities and routine performance assessments.