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About us

Thank you for visiting the new Westlake Compounds Vietnam website. 

Westlake Compounds Vietnam is a member of Westlake Global Compounds which is global leader for PVC compound to diverse industries: Medical, Automotive, Building Construction, Consumer Goods and Packaging. The wide range of our products includes rigid and flexible grades for extrusion, injection, pressing and roto-molding: a full set of possibilities for manufacturers and end-users to answer any specific application

At Westlake Vietnam Compounds, we have a passion for working to enhance our customer needs through superior technology, product quality and operating excellence.  Our determination to seek solutions that change lives and sustain our planet has driven us to be a leading integrated compound company in the world.  Our local teams combine personal attention with the expertise, geographical footprint and financial resources of a global leader – all to benefit you, our customers

I hope that you enjoy learning more about Westlake Global Compounds and we look forward to working with you!

Nguyen Ngoc Vinh
General Manager, Westlake Compounds Vietnam














Westlake Compounds Vietnam



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Established his present in Vietnam by creating
Elf Atochem Vietnam
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Creation of Atofina by merging TotalFina and Elf's chemical businesses
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Creation of Arkema, following the reorganization of the Total group's chemical branch
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Klesch Group acquired PVC Compounds from ARKEMA, Creation of KEM ONE Group
Westlake Compounds Vietnam
2019: Westlake Corporation acquired IVY Group Holding