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  •  If you have
- Any technical information of PVC pellet
- Any specific standards need to satisfy.
- Any sample products.
  • If you need
- The highest quality PVC granule for your production.
  • With experienced engineers and technicians at Westlake Compounds Vietnam, we deal with your requests, utilize our processing knowledge and polymer science, and launch new materials.
  • At Westlake Compounds Vietnam, we realize your desire and satisfy your request.

Color Matching

With experts in multidisciplinary fields, from color adjustment, know-how processes, polymeric science, Westlake Compounds Vietnam can modify any color you pick and make your products shiny and colorful.


Expertise in PVC compounding, Westlake Compounds Vietnam offers a full service for processing your products from raw materials to the highest quality products.

Customer Supporting

Technical supporting service at Westlake Compounds Vietnam benefits our customers from the support of experienced engineers and technicians and reliable analytical facilities.

Our jointly support from R&D and Sales Departments provide technical and commercial follow-up to guide the customers throughout their developments, listening to customer’s requirements, elaborating specifications of the products, and on-site supporting as customers require.